Ostendi Competencies Feedback

The 360/270-degree assessment allows you to look at the employee's competencies more objectively.

Why use Ostendi Competencies Feedback?

A 360-degree assessment allows you to get specific information on strengths and areas for development. With reliable information, you will be able to plan development activities that reflect real needs. It is all the more important to use a tool to help you obtain efficiently reliable data. Undoubtedly, Ostendi Competencies Feedback is such a tool.


Possibility to run an assessment based on a ready-made Ostendi questionnaire and implement your own questionnaire with your own response scale.

Total freedom

The assessment may cover any number of competencies, assigned questions, and a type of rating scale. The only limitations are methodological correctness, validity of assessing specific competencies, and evaluators' strength.

No limits

Within the assessment may take part any number of respondents, and their list may also be changed during the survey.

Full access

The Platform and questionnaires are available on all devices and browser versions.

Comfort and time saving

The online assessment can be launched within 30 minutes (after approval of the questionnaire and upload of the list of participants). The report is available immediately after the assessment is completed.

Process monitoring

The ability to track the progress of the project on an ongoing basis by viewing project statistics.


Possibility to run an assessment and download a report in unlimited languages within one project. You do not need to choose one language for the entire assessment - you can send invitations and questionnaires in the native languages of participants.

Comparative assessment

You may repeat the process after some time as a way of assessing change. The comparative report highlights areas of change. Typically this would be used where an employee does a 360 assessment before a development intervention and then repeats the exercise some months later.

Full automation

Your involvement is limited to the minimum necessary. After setting a schedule, the system will send invitations and reminders and inform you about the end of the assessment.

Clear reports

After completing the assessment, you will download simple and clear reports, both individual, aggregate, and comparative. Reports are available in various formats: PDF, HTML, XLS.

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A 360-degree assessment tailored to the needs of your organization
360 degree feedback is a method of describing the competencies of a given person. Its variants, i.e., the 270- and 180-degree, are successfully used to assess various employees, not only those who hold managerial positions. The main advantage of using 360/270-degree is that it takes into account different perspectives. In assessing a given person's behavior and attitudes, you consider peers, subordinates, supervisors, or even clients' opinions. Then these assessments are compared with the self-assessment. As a result, the appraisee builds awareness of their strengths and areas for development in ​​competencies important for the company.

An effective 360 degree feedback is possible only when the measured competencies directly reflect the company's mission, vision, and strategy. Our experience shows that regularly run appraisal plays a critical role in building an organizational culture based on feedback. Thus with reliable feedback, employees know in which direction they are to develop their competencies. Therefore, it is crucial to correctly carry out the 360 degree feedback because your organization will achieve above-average results only with this.

On the Ostendi Platform, you will find an extensive competency bank with assigned feedback questions / behavioural indicators designed by our experts and proven in numerous projects. With it, you can create an individual questionnaire tailored to your organization's needs.

We are a leader in 360 degree feedback. Therefore we can support you in designing and implementing a 360 degree feedback process in your organization. With the partners' network, we can also help you facilitate appraisee's feedback sessions in larger projects.

So if you need to run a 360 degree feedback on a small number of leaders or implement in a large organization cyclical appraisal process, we are to help you. That is why our solutions are used by organizations such as VELUX, Adamed Pharma, Budimex, Eobuwie, INEA, and many others.

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