Data security

We know how important is data for you. Therefore data security is our highest priority.

Network and servers
Network and servers safety
The Ostendi Platform is on dedicated servers of the French cloud computing company OVH, meeting the highest standards and industry patterns to ensure service continuity and data security at the highest level.
Personal data
With implemented security procedures, our customers' personal data is protected 24/7 through constant monitoring of activity on the platform and focusing on identifying atypical activities. Our databases and code are constantly updated, which increases security and protects against attacks from outside.
Fulfillment of the information obligation
We are the only supplier of diagnostic tools that ensure that the customers use our solutions according to the applicable provisions of the GDPR. Both the Information Clause and the necessary consents are available on the platform, which the customer can adjust to its current needs.
Consent management
The consent forms required by the law are available on the Ostendi platform. With this, customers can be sure that the persons completing the personality questionnaire have the possibility to give (or not) consent to the processing of their personal data and made this decision consciously. The customer can add its own consent content and define whether it is required or only optional.

Network and servers safety

  • available 24/7
  • a dual power supply
  • security procedures in place preventing physical access of unauthorized persons
  • non-stop protection against hacker attack