Ostendi Knowledge Tests

With this functionality, you will test the level of knowledge, e.g. product knowledge, of your potential and/or current employees.

Why use Ostendi Knowledge Tests?

Ostendi Knowledge Tests is a set of functionalities that allow you to implement any number of tests to check knowledge, and plan the study in such a way as to, e.g. draw a smaller sample from a large set of questions with rotating answers.

Ability to add test
with multiple dimensions

With the functionalities of the Ostendi platform, you can add any number of knowledge tests, taking into account various forms of questions and answers. It is also possible to introduce single-choice and multiple-choice tests.

Employee's knowledge tests
with real value

Ostendi Knowledge Tests have been designed to minimize the probability of cheating. You can define both the time needed to complete the test and the fact that the questions and answers within the test are to be presented in random order.

Process automation

Ostendi allows you to plan the test and then send invitations and reminders by the defined schedule. After completing the entire assessment, you will receive a notification from the System.

GDPR compliance

We are aware of how important it is that the recruitment process is run by applicable law. Therefore, on the Ostendi Platform, you can define the necessary clauses and consents that will be displayed to the candidate immediately after the assessment is completed.
Reliable tests of knowledge
We offer our clients the possibility to use the functionality of conducting knowledge tests tailored to their needs. These types of tools help to verify the knowledge of both future and current employees.

Knowledge Tests are widely used in organizations. With them, we can, for example:

  • verify the knowledge of employees from sales and customer service departments concerning their expertise in products and services offered by a company,

  • check the knowledge acquired during a training,

  • test the declared level of foreign languages skills,

  • organize tests to prepare for external exams.

With the Knowledge Tests, you will intuitively define the threshold for passing the test, automatically send links to the test, and then generate a summary report with a ranking of the best. You also have the option of sending individual reports in which the people taking part in the test will be able to find out which questions were answered correctly and where they made a mistake. Obtaining feedback on performance plays an important educational role.

With the Ostendi platform, creating surveys, questionnaires and tests is very simple. In just a few steps, you can create your Knowledge Test, which you can send to the right people. Try the Ostendi Knowledge Tests! Verifying knowledge has never been so easy.

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