Ostendi Talent Hunter

The personality questionnaire, with which you will find out to what extent a potential or current employee, fits the job requirements.

Why choose Ostendi Talent Hunter?

Ostendi Talent Hunter is a personality questionnaire that takes into account the contemporary business context. The authors of Ostendi Talent Hunter created it with the business environment in mind. Therefore the standardization sample primarily included professionally active people from various levels in the organization, and students constituted only a small part of the study population. With Ostendi Talent Hunter, you will learn what work environment will be optimal for your candidate.

Contemporary business context

Ostendi Talent Hunter was created within the context of the modern world's challenges based on the change. Therefore, by using Ostendi Talent Hunter in recruitment processes or talent programs, you will get the answer to how the candidate functions in key business areas.

Employees that fit

With Ostendi Talent Hunter, you can define a reference profile the candidate's profile will be compared to. By this, you will receive information on which candidate is the best fit for your organization's requirements.

Reliability and validity

Ostendi Talent Hunter was created based on the highest methodological standards. In consequence, it achieved the highest values in terms of reliability and validity.

GDPR compliance

Ostendi Talent Hunter is the only psychometric tool on the market that ensures that you carry out recruitment processes following the provisions of the GDPR.

See how we present the results in the Ostendi Talent Hunter report

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Ostendi Talent Hunter - easy defining talent and potential
Ostendi Talent Hunter ™ is a tool for measuring personality traits, the foundation of both qualifications and competencies. With this tool, you will find out to what extent your candidate has development potential and what may be difficult for him/her in professional performance on a daily basis.

The personality profile based on the Ostendi Talent Hunter model distinguishes 8 main dimensions of personality, answering the following questions:

  • How do you see yourself? How do you react to failure?

  • How do you communicate with others?

  • How do you make decisions?

  • What is important to you while completing the tasks?

  • How do you approach achieving goals?

  • What is your priority in relations with others??

  • How do you solve emerging problems?

  • What kind of environment do you look for?

Each of the factors is defined as the scale of preferred behavior. According to the tool's assumptions, there are no incorrect personality profiles, only people who do not fit the organizational requirements. Consistently effective recruitment is about finding and hiring the most fitted candidate for the challenges that he/she will face.

With the Ostendi Platform's functionalities, you can define the expected profile and compare it with the candidates' profiles. Besides, we are aware of the importance of feedback for the candidate. That is why, with the recruiter's report, you get the candidate's report as well, which directly impacts the candidate's experience.

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