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Employee surveys play an important role in building an organizational culture based on engagement. With this, you know what needs to be changed and in which direction it is worth developing.

Employee engagement surveys are easy with Team Insight Survey

In employee surveys, it is important to quickly and effectively get their opinion on important areas affecting business efficiency. This is crucial as it is often employees who know what directly affects the company's results. Our solution is not only a ready to use questionnaire available to our customers but also the ability to create the set of questions fitted to the specifics of your organization.

Structured feedback

Ostendi Team Insight Survey allows you to ask on the perception of employees in the most important areas for the effective functioning of the business. With a set of simple questions, you can quickly and effectively get information crucial for business development, based on which you will be able to plan the implementation of solutions to improve various processes in your company.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

With Ostendi Team Insight Survey, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The results of the survey provide a valuable diagnosis of the current engagement of employees. As a consequence, these results can be a strong basis for the implementation of solutions that improve the current business processes.

Questions flexibility

With the features we offer, you can create your own questionnaire with an individual set of questions that will reflect the specifics of your organization.

Conscious and effective management

An employee engagement survey is a tool for conscious and effective management. With the appraisal of managers (e.g. a 360 degree assessment), it gives a consistent picture of strengths and areas for development in the management model of the company.


Your involvement is limited to the necessary minimum - after setting the schedule, the System will automatically send invitations and reminders.

Prompt results

The survey report is available immediately after its completion. It contains a detailed summary of the survey in the form of average results both at the level of the dimensions and individual questions. With clear information, you can communicate the results of the survey directly after its completion.

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Regular running employee engagement surveys is the foundation of an effective organization
The Team Insight Survey questionnaire was developed based on Peter Moxon's concept described in Building a Better Team: A Handbook for Managers and Facilitators and 12 aspects of employee engagement identified in the Gallup Institute research. Ostendi Team Insight Survey is an in-depth analysis that explores issues and key areas for the effective functioning of the company in 60 questions. These are:

  • Atmosphere,
  • Leadership,
  • Communication,
  • Goal awareness and
  • Division of roles and responsibilities.

Daily activities of all employees, fitting into these areas, are the basic pillars of an efficient organization.

We firmly believe that one size never fits all. Therefore, when you plan to run an engagement survey in your organization, it is necessary to review survey questions. With features we offer on the Ostendi Platform, you can add new dimensions (areas) and questions to our survey. You also can create a completely new survey. With this, the survey will meet the specific needs of your organization.

The entire survey is summarized in one consistent and clear report. The Team Insight Survey report contains a detailed summary of the survey in the form of average results at the level of dimensions and individual questions. The results of the Team Insight Survey are organized following the demographics adopted in the project, e.g. by departments, employee seniority or gender, as long as it does not violate the employees' right to anonymity.

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