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With the Ostendi Platform you can streamline your soft HRM processes. Recruit and make plans for your employees’ development based on data.

The Ostendi Platform - your strategic soft HRM tool

With the Ostendi Platform, you can run a diagnostic on the employees potential more efficiently. Using the on-the-spot information, you will make decisions based not only on your experience and intuition but also on reliable data. The Ostendi Platform is a direct response to the needs of our customers and HR departments.

Series of possibilities
Create your own questionnaires
You can leverage our ready-made tools or create tests and questionnaires tailored to your organization that reflect your company's competency model.
Real-time insight
Ongoing monitoring
Ostendi is a fully integrated and intuitive internet platform you can use to manage projects and track their real-time progress.
Quickly and comfortably
Full automation
You can launch the cycle in 30 minutes and modify your projects at any time - by adding new respondents, modifying demographics, the expected profile pattern, or the wording of emails to send. Invitations and reminders are sent automatically following the schedule. The reports are available as soon as you complete the process.
Data collection
Comprehensive data collection
As part of the projects carried out, you can freely export the data collected in XLS and PDF formats. Our questionnaires are available on different browsers, and the Ostendi Platform is adapted to different devices.
Historical data
Full history
You can go back to the completed projects at any time. With historical data, you can make, e.g., a comparison of the progress made in terms of developed competencies. With our clear comparison reports, you will see those competencies where the appraisee had the greatest progress. Typically this would be used where an employee does a 360 assessment before a development intervention and then repeats the exercise some months later.
User language tests and surveys
The Ostendi Platform is available in 9 languages (English, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Slovak). Therefore, you can run a survey or test and download a report in each of those languages. If any language you need is missing, it is no problem. We can add any language real fast.
The best-in-class support for soft HRM
The diagnosis of potential and competencies has never been so easy
The Ostendi Platform has many benefits for businesses. Assess efficiently the talents and competencies of your employees, and thus plan their development based on data.

The best-in-class HRM system for you

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  • With the extremely flexible functionality of the Ostendi Platform, we tailored the assessment to the specificity of our needs. We were able to assess exactly what we wanted on a large group of executives. The great advantage of the reports is their clarity, readability, and detailed information.
    Rafał Włosiński
    HR Project Manager